Commentary | A Rant and an Observation

When did it become cool to be a yuppie again? When did it become okay to be a drone? Slaves to money while glued to our phones? I look around and I get sick to my stomach. I see people everywhere lickin’ boots, no question of whose foot it belongs to. Not even a whimper, blinded by the promise of gain and getting ahead.

Turned on by fusion foods, sculpture gardens, country clubs, rooftop bars, and brunch. Addicted to salmon polos, khaki shorts, blended coffee drinks and designer handbags. They get off on money. Jerking off to Benjamin Franklin. A real tribute, a literal money shot.


They crave their smug sense of superiority, basking in their high rise luxury apartments. Each level a step up in status and life. There are no friends in this life, just associates and business partners. People to use and abuse, to take advantage of. The company they keep decided by the profit they seek.

Whores and pimps. Scam artists filled with entitlement.

I think back to an altercation, a lot of noise and static from a customer at work. She was a middle aged white woman, who was clearly well off. A real boar of a woman who felt I and everyone else owed her something or everything, I’m not sure. I tell her “No” repeatedly, which must have been the first time she had ever heard this word in regard to her requests.

“I’m not a scam artist! Look at my hand bag, it’s a fucking Louis Vuitton!” she exclaimed in a vulgar tone, a tone that implied her worth, status and credibility. A worth decided by her possessions and monetary status.

I’m not saying burn your possessions and your money, I enjoy things too. I just don’t let that shit control me. Your money, car, clothes or home don’t define you as a person. You’d think this was common knowledge, but the shit I see on a daily basis would say other wise.

I’ve seen so many local staples closed and ripped to the ground: record stores, restaurants, music venues, discount clothing shops ect., only to be replaced by luxury apartments. The ones with weight limits on dogs, absurd aesthetic rules and monthly credit checks. Don’t forget all the other assholes that you feel in direct competition with. Nod and smile as you pass in the halls, that fuckin prick has it all. Fuck me if there aren’t dress codes at some of these places.



Located on the water, river, ocean or lake. Where there’s water there’s money to make. From downtown to uptown, even next to that park right outside of downtown. You know the one that used to have all the prostitutes, junkies and pushers. The freaks, the crazies, the homeless and the onlookers.

“No one wants to see that walking to their car in the morning.We can just move these undesirables to the other part of town for now. There’s no money in helping people so where’s the motivation?” thought the land developer while visualizing the redistribution and destruction of an entire neighborhood.

They turn a blind eye to the world out their front doors and try to buy the world they selfishly want to see. I for one embrace the grit and poverty, the depraved degradation.  It’s not perfect but it’s real.

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