THE FREEZE: 35+ yrs of punk

THE FREEZE is a seminal punk rock band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, that came together in 1978 as teenagers and continues to record and tour to this day. Founder, songwriter, and vocalist Clif “Hanger” Croce is the only member who has been in every incarnation of the band, which has seen many line-up shifts and changes over the years.

The band’s first release, the do-it-yourself 7-inch “I Hate Tourists / Don’t forget me Tommy,” was released in 1980. Attempts were made to ban the record locally as obscene but that, in combination with the buzz over their live performances, only succeeded in raising awareness of the band. The following year, the Freeze had nine songs appear on the important New England punk rock compilation “This Is Boston, Not L.A..” The band has released over a dozen full length albums including “Land of the Lost”, “Rabid Reaction”, “Misery Loves Company” and arguably their greatest album, “Freak Show” released in the early 1990s. The album cover art for 1998’s “One false Move” was drawn by the late American artist, writer, and Cape Cod resident Edward Gorey.

The Freeze continues to some of the most interesting, incisive and addictive Punk Rock to ever come out of America, often in the face of great adversity with shitty labels, drug addictions and crime constantly getting in the band’s way. Yet, it’s a band that has always remained honest and resolutely Punk Rock. Continue reading

At the Drive-In: This Station is Non-Operational

DIY documentary on seminal post-hardcore band At the Drive-In (1993-2001)

At the Drive-In are an American post-hardcore band from El Paso, Texas, formed in 1993. Consisting of singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala, guitarists Jim Ward and Omar Rodríguez-Lopez, bassist Paul Hinojos, and drummer Tony Hajjar, the band released three studio albums and five EPs before breaking up in 2001. Their final album, 2000’s Relationship of Command, received a number of accolades and is cited as a landmark of the post-hardcore genre. Following the breakup, Bixler-Zavala and Rodríguez-López formed The Mars Volta while Ward, Hinojos, and Hajjar formed Sparta. At the Drive-In reunited in January 2012 and played the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, as well as the 2012 Lollapalooza Festival. With the Mars Volta now apparently defunct, Bixler-Zavala & Rodriguez-Lopez recently recorded an album and are touring under the name Antemasque.

Jack Herer – Emperor of Hemp

Jack Herer, June 18, 1939 – April 15, 2010, sometimes called the “Emperor of Hemp”, was an American cannabis activist and the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, a book which has been used in efforts to decriminalize and legalize cannabis and to expand the use of hemp for industrial use. Herer also founded and served as the director of the organization Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP).