The Last Train To Boomtown

By: Jessup Powers


It was a sunny day in autumn. I was driving down the road to my impending doom. On my way to some mixer that my friend was having. Well that’s if you could call it a mixer, in reality it was just a simple gathering of fools that wanted to get drunk and stoned. So of course I was stoned and very tipped back. I had just finished a pint of whiskey and had another one in the trunk, not to mention the three bowls I had just smoked. Up the road and then turning onto Church St. to get on Sr 193, then towards Roy. I would have gone down Main Street but unfortunately it has been overrun with traffic, construction and general disorder as of late. So I went the other route, which took me through a winding road which was perfect to just be in the moment of driving. I finally pulled onto the turn leading me towards the winding paved path. I slowed to the proper speed, after all can’t shit where you sleep, as far as I could say. Twisting through the turns, listening to some good old rock’n’roll. I thought to myself how I didn’t really like this fucking git I was going to see too much Continue reading

Dead Arm

By Rob Azevedo

Never heard of someone getting cancer of the forearm before. Not ever. Heard of the ear, the lip, the liver and gut. Heard of ladies getting cancer of the innards. That just sounds brutal. My Uncle Lou from Last Breath got cancer on his nuts six years ago when I was about fifteen. That’s some deep shit right there. I remember my mother went half mad when she found out Uncle Lou’s nuts were in for the ride of their life. Chemo, radiation, the whole deal, a total zap job.

She loved her brother Lou, my Ma. Practically raised him on her own in Last Breath when she was just a kid herself. Him and his nagging cough and dreams of becoming a pirate someday. Ma had her dreams also but they were left to burn alongside the deep resentments she felt towards my Nana – her mother — for leaving Ma alone with the roving buccaneer at that young age. But “cancer of the forearm?” What kind of shit was that?   Continue reading

I Had A Dream-And You Were In It

By: Ashley Beth

  •  I Had A Dream–And You Were In It, and You and You

“I was trying to explain my situation to myself. My situation was that I was in pain and nobody knew it, even I had trouble knowing it. So I told myself, over and over, You are in pain. It was the only way I could get through to myself. I was demonstrating externally and irrefutably an inward condition.” ~Susanna Kaysen, ‘Girl, Interrupted’

These past few days that I’ve been home in Rhode Island, I feel like I have been awakening from a bad dream. A bad dream playing out in front of a brain that was enduring a very restless, feverish sleep. I remember the bit in the movie ‘Forrest Gump’ when Tom Hanks’ title role character’s life long friend and partner, Jenny, finally returns to his ‘Mama’s home’ in Greenbow, Alabama. She slept. She slept for days. She was so exhausted. I’m exhausted. Continue reading

Moxley and Eirene: Moonshine King, Burgoo Queen

By: Ron Whitehead & Greta Render

Mama gave me a tin cup when I was a boy. Til I left home, when I was 17, I wore a thin rope, to hold my pants up. I’ve always been skinny. I kept my tin cup, and a knife with a bottle opener, on my rope. They both came in handy many times including, and especially, my last visit with Moxley and Eirene.

I was 16, a year away from leaving home, leaving home for good, leaving home forever. I’d come to visit Moxley and Eirene, travelin by boat, alone. I didn’t know how many more times I’d have this opportunity. It was a crisp clear day in early September. The sad and glad of early fall filled me up. It felt good but it ached with loneliness too. Continue reading

Autobahn, Biergarten & Godzilla

It was a Monday morning: Flying down the left lane of the Autobahn at 200 mph, we shot past what looked like a wicked Maserati, but it was impossible to tell. The cars in the middle lane were traveling at over 100 mph, but they were just a blur, appearing for a moment and then gone, like a muzzle flash in the dark. Cars heeding the recommended speed of 80 mph, and all trucks, clung to the right. There was a pathway of grass between the outside lanes and a guardrail. No medians and oncoming traffic, just a one way track cut through the lush Bavarian forest.

Although we were rushing through the air at breakneck speed, when he let up off the gas the cockpit became surprisingly and eerily quiet. Then when he jammed it down again, the engine howled like a gray wolf and the power was just as harrowing. I was extremely anxious. What’s the point of wearing this seatbelt? I wondered. No one’s getting out of here alive. The instigator of this madness was Reinhard, my cousin. He met me at the Frankfurt airport a few minutes earlier. Now we were heading to Nurberg to check out the 24 hour endurance race at the infamous track. Continue reading