More Thoughts on Destiny 2

October 6, 2017 b1nx 0

At the time of this article’s publication, I’ll be approximately 100 hours into Destiny 2. I’ve completed the main quest line, hit level 20, and started the long process of grinding towards the maximum power level of 300 (305 including the use of mods). I thought this might be a […]

Who Put the Demon In Dopamine?

October 6, 2017 Dr. Ash Tree Gonzo 0

When one’s to take an epidemiological approach to a socially impacted public health problem, the progress of such steps towards complete eradication often start ridiculously and inefficiently with that four letter word, the stigma. Indeed, much time is wasted in even discerning the value of the affected population in the […]

Music | Women Playing Petty

October 6, 2017 David Pratt 0

Songwriting ability is a gift. After a while, you come to realize, “I’ve really been blessed. I can write these things and it makes me happy, and it makes millions of people happy.” It’s an obligation, it’s bigger than you. It’s the only true magic I know. It’s not pulling […]

SHORT STORY | The Final Session

October 4, 2017 Ty Reynolds 0

Randall looked down at the broken shoelace on his left sneaker that he had simply tied back in place after unintentionally stretching it too its limits that morning, causing it to snap in his hands. He unconsciously attempted to flex the persistent pain from the fist he had struck his […]

EDITORIAL | Las Vegas Shooting: The Fear Takes Hold

October 4, 2017 b1nx 0

This article is not designed to discuss the recent and tragic shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. In fact, you should stop discussing it altogether. Seriously, just fucking stop. Within one hour of the events being documented and shipped off to social media for the painfully stupid and the morally depraved […]