Community, Hicks and Ode to the Death of Love

By: Ernie Hurt

Standing in my bathroom on this cold Ohio morning, pissing away the filth in my system, watching my neighbors frolic in the sub-freezing temperatures… Maybe they are as nuts as I am, perhaps in other ways, but crazy none the less.. I’ve lived on this hill for the better part of two months.

I have yet to talk to any of my neighbors, nor have they attempted to welcome me into the community. This isn’t the first time my family has been viewed as a colony of leapers… Could it be my large stature? Could it be the wealth of art ingrained on my skin? It’s clear to see that I’m not entirely at fault, as I have waved and smiled like society has taught me to do. Continue reading

Debt, Junkies and the American Dream

By: Ernie Hurt

With the civil unrest in Missouri, Numerous Veterans without proper medical care and the memories still lingering from our country’s recent recession, you really have to ponder and search in your heart when confronted with term “The American Dream”. It is not tossed around as often as it once was, perhaps because today’s generation sees everything suited to the individual, and not as a whole.

The future holds the demise of the once dreamed perfect world of white picket fences and happy kids with crew cuts and first string slots on the local football team. I mean if you approach the term from a modern new age train of thought, the American Dream is all a based on perspective. Continue reading

Public mutilation.

Black monday 17.11.2014
sensuur 3Today I received a message from a Facebook friend, a dutch painter.

To make this article easier to read I will call him John.
Because he doesn’t want to get into trouble by using his own name.

He’s certainly not paranoid, but It might have been Facebook’s penis recognition software.

John told me that Facebook censored his last work because some people complained about the contents. Facebook reacted with a warning and some lame ass arguments. Continue reading

Social media and the Death of the Nation

By: Katie Callen

This worthless life we lead sitting like slobs watching people’s drama unfold is unreal to say the least.

I your fearless leader am at fault now! I come to you via face book but that’s what troubles me. Why do I sit here and watch like a helpless sheep waiting for slaughter? My brain is turning to mush as we speak.

And so is yours. Continue reading

Good Morning Americana

Good Morning Americana,

It’s 50 degrees outside, the sun is just barely shining through the dense clouds and we woke up late.

Extremely late.

Consequently I had to take my daughter to school this morning. Half asleep, mongering around my house, trying not trip over a toy, or bowl of milk my husband left on the floor while watching some awful horribleness. Continue reading