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Community, Hicks and Ode to the Death of Love

By: Ernie Hurt

Standing in my bathroom on this cold Ohio morning, pissing away the filth in my system, watching my neighbors frolic in the sub-freezing temperatures… Maybe they are as nuts as I am, perhaps in other ways, but crazy none the less.. I’ve lived on this hill for the better part of two months.

I have yet to talk to any of my neighbors, nor have they attempted to welcome me into the community. This isn’t the first time my family has been viewed as a colony of leapers… Could it be my large stature? Could it be the wealth of art ingrained on my skin? It’s clear to see that I’m not entirely at fault, as I have waved and smiled like society has taught me to do. Continue reading

Debt, Junkies and the American Dream

By: Ernie Hurt

With the civil unrest in Missouri, Numerous Veterans without proper medical care and the memories still lingering from our country’s recent recession, you really have to ponder and search in your heart when confronted with term “The American Dream”. It is not tossed around as often as it once was, perhaps because today’s generation sees everything suited to the individual, and not as a whole.

The future holds the demise of the once dreamed perfect world of white picket fences and happy kids with crew cuts and first string slots on the local football team. I mean if you approach the term from a modern new age train of thought, the American Dream is all a based on perspective. Continue reading

Summer Time Blues

By: Katie Callen

It was the summer.

Hot, unforgiving, steam ridden misery; the kind that makes you want lay naked in the kiddy pool out in the yard and slamming back cold beers while popping meds to dull the sense of feeling.

No need for the hard stuff, I said to myself, this will only make things worse.

But this uneasy unrest… this wild feeling won’t leave my brain.

The amount of weed I ingested trying to fight the urge to do this most unneeded demon wasn’t working. What is to come of the day?

Where will I go? Who will go with me?

You need a copilot for this shit. Without one you will become lost. But lost lost is what I seem to be any way, so why worry? But in this mad world I will need someone.

The massive conundrum is that I have no idea where I am in this strange town, in the middle of all these winding red dirt roads, with only stop signs, and no fucking map to tell me where I am.

I must seek out locals to guide me down this sick and twisted fate which lies ahead for the day if I am going to survive to tell the tale that is soon to unveil itself to me. Continue reading

Thirty-Five Years down the Rabbit Hole of Music

By: Ernie Hurt

As you read in my last entry regarding music, you can tell I reserve a fair level of distain for modern music. I’m not alone, and I find a shade of solace in that fact.

My music taste lean towards only a small hand full of current working artist’s. Mostly I listen to music from an era some 35 years ago. It could be due to the fact that most new music sounds like a cage full of horny Tom cats in mid coitus, or perhaps I grew up hearing the greats of that long forgotten time.

At the prodding from a colleague I decided to search and listen to the top selling album from 1969 and its modern day counterpart from this foul year of Oure Lorde ,Two Thousand and Fourteen.

What would be the differences? Would they be vast and profound? Would I automatically fall into a brain bleeding seizure while listening to an entire cd of”Pop” songs? Continue reading

Public mutilation.

Black monday 17.11.2014
sensuur 3Today I received a message from a Facebook friend, a dutch painter.

To make this article easier to read I will call him John.
Because he doesn’t want to get into trouble by using his own name.

He’s certainly not paranoid, but It might have been Facebook’s penis recognition software.

John told me that Facebook censored his last work because some people complained about the contents. Facebook reacted with a warning and some lame ass arguments. Continue reading

Social media and the Death of the Nation

By: Katie Callen

This worthless life we lead sitting like slobs watching people’s drama unfold is unreal to say the least.

I your fearless leader am at fault now! I come to you via face book but that’s what troubles me. Why do I sit here and watch like a helpless sheep waiting for slaughter? My brain is turning to mush as we speak.

And so is yours. Continue reading


By: Ernie Hurt


Inhale….Hold it…..Exhale……

Pot,weed,cannabis,smoke,chronic,that keisha cole,bud,dank,good good,reefer,Indo,buddah, so many names for it. So many people for it, so many people against it. Im talking about marijuana,hemp,dat piff,mary jane,cheeba. I feel like most that will read this may be “down” with the current state of Cannabis in contemporary America. Continue reading

The Death of Music?

The state of the music industry has gone down the proverbial shitter.

I seriously believe that humans are evolving to have no taste in music. Hell maybe even tone deafness from the womb.

Could it be my semi-old age giving me the cynical ear I’ve developed in the past couple years.

I once read an interesting feature on our great World Wide Web that stated all humans have a decrease in dopamine production after 24 years of age. Evolutionary tricky coupled with a love for dopamine producing drugs in my past have probably left me with the level of a cucumber. But I digress. Continue reading