February 25, 2015 GonzoToday 0

By: Rick Kepler  Senator Herod Foghorn sat behind his senatorial desk, his aides at his senatorial side, at-the-ready to address his senatorial commands. “Did the call come in yet?” he inquired of his staff.  “Goddam it, he’s already called the leaders from the other side. I’m the goddam majority leader. […]


February 25, 2015 GonzoToday 0

by  R.R. Oldenburg On the floor of the living room in the rented duplex sat a beige floral patterned couch, a matching chair, and a big tube television on its own wooden legs. In front of the television rested a coffee table with a juice box and a coffee mug sitting on […]


February 22, 2015 GonzoToday 0

by Rick Kepler I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, except only one “golden ticket” was stuffed in a loaf of cheap white bread, and I, the holder of that ticket, won the prize, the opportunity to interview the masters of the universe, the top one per centers in […]

Williams, O’Reilly form Gonzo News Network

February 21, 2015 GonzoToday 0

by Yail Bloor, mail clerk, National Affairs Desk Yesterday, intrepid NBC news anchor Brian Williams joined forces with profound Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly to form a new 24-hour cable news channel, The Gonzo News Network. “We were tired of all the pretty boys and vapid girls sitting behind desks, […]

Decisions in Vegas

February 7, 2015 GonzoToday 0

by Tony X Stanton I was sitting alone at 3am on a weeknight in the Bourbon Bar in Las Vegas. Well, not technically alone.  I was sitting with 3 off duty dancers/strippers, a guy dressed as a bad 80’s heavy metal cliche from one of the shows and a great […]