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Mixed Taste 2008: Motown & Gonzo Journalism

Mixed Taste: Tag Team Lectures on Unrelated Topics pairs two speakers, the first speaker speaks on one topic, the second speaker speaks on a second, completely unrelated, topic, and then there is question and answer on both at the same time.

When Color doesn’t Matter

By: Ernie Hurt

Not since the turbulent times of the 1960’s, has the issue of racism been on the public’s mind as it is today. Recent events in Missouri and New York have shaken the issue back into the forefront of American’s lives, leaving another trail of pain and frustration for people of color.

The atmosphere is different since the times of Martin L. King and Malcolm X, with alliances of every race standing up for the widespread prejudice. American people of every shade of skin have protested en mass in several major cities for justice and for recognition of the crimes of criminal police. Continue reading


By: Staff Writer Yail Bloor

WASHINGTON D.C. – Taking a cue from his famous Beer Summit ’09, President Obama plans to host a similar “bong summit to bring about resolution and closure on the marijuana legalization issue.”10806455_897114406965350_2816803795142791179_n

“I want to bring together opposing forces and see if they can find a common ground over some sticky nugs of OG Kush,” said the President following the decriminalization of marijuana in Washington D.C.

“It would be cool if we could hotbox the presidential limo,” said Obama. “Or maybe do some fat dabs in the helicopter as we buzz the roof of Congress.”  Continue reading

RIP America: A Story of Us

By: Ernie Hurt

Within the last couple months or so, I’ve learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined. I rediscovered talents that id long given up on. I’ve come to terms with who I am and also where I want to go with my life. At this point of my life, I believe I have had sufficient time to reflect on myself and as well as my peers.

Throughout adult hood, I seem to have gone down a much different path that most sane, normal people would have avoided with all their might. The way I see it, since 18 or 19 years of age, I have walked the fringes of society. Not quite an outlaw and no less than a citizen. I tell myself that I’ve stayed in the grey area of life, mingling with good American apple-pie eating folks as well as drug dealers and users, while not falling into either sect. As we all know the best stories are always left untold and there are places that we could never fathom. Continue reading