The Blues Ain’t Dead

By: Rob Azevedo

The sound coming from inside The Woodpecker Lounge was a mixture of brilliance and raw nerve.  Last Breath’s legendary blues man, Dick Zaino, was setting off rockets with his red Stratocaster, gassing through songs about guilt and suffering, belting out one after another, looking lean and tanned, his hair slicked sweet, eyes hooded, smoke lines on his face.

Beyond the stage the drinking crowd listened closely to Zaino’s golden notes. Some people were huddled over tiny glasses of gin.  Others were smoking packs of grits and drinking vodka, or just dreaming, eyes shut with strange images of redemption and peace scrambling for daylight within their shackled brains.  One sponge was chin-to-chest.  A cougar in red high heels was showing off her pussy to a throng of short order cooks near a utility closet.  Upstream near the latrines a dicey kid of fifteen was giving directions, holding his pecker. Continue reading

“GONZO TAPES- In Search of the American Dream”

Hunter S. Thompson & Oscar Zeta Acosta

“Fear & Loathing in America”

Dramatized Audio by AudioGonzo


“He Was A Crook”

Dramatized Audio by AudioGonzo

Thirty-Five Years down the Rabbit Hole of Music

By: Ernie Hurt

As you read in my last entry regarding music, you can tell I reserve a fair level of distain for modern music. I’m not alone, and I find a shade of solace in that fact.

My music taste lean towards only a small hand full of current working artist’s. Mostly I listen to music from an era some 35 years ago. It could be due to the fact that most new music sounds like a cage full of horny Tom cats in mid coitus, or perhaps I grew up hearing the greats of that long forgotten time.

At the prodding from a colleague I decided to search and listen to the top selling album from 1969 and its modern day counterpart from this foul year of Oure Lorde ,Two Thousand and Fourteen.

What would be the differences? Would they be vast and profound? Would I automatically fall into a brain bleeding seizure while listening to an entire cd of”Pop” songs? Continue reading

The Death of Music?

The state of the music industry has gone down the proverbial shitter.

I seriously believe that humans are evolving to have no taste in music. Hell maybe even tone deafness from the womb.

Could it be my semi-old age giving me the cynical ear I’ve developed in the past couple years.

I once read an interesting feature on our great World Wide Web that stated all humans have a decrease in dopamine production after 24 years of age. Evolutionary tricky coupled with a love for dopamine producing drugs in my past have probably left me with the level of a cucumber. But I digress. Continue reading