One Dur Who: Defending the Ill!

Interview by Josh Chambers

onedurwho album coverBorn in 1985 on the west side of Manchester, New Hampshire.Max Maxwels, better known as One Dur Who, first got into hip hop as a young kid, beatboxing as early as five years old, by then recreating the entrance music to some of his favorite wrestling action figures and making sound effects for their moves; kicks, punches etc. This developed over the years into full blown beatboxing. Thus the culture of hip hop was introduced and the love took hold. By the time he was at the Influential age of 12 years old his stepfather at the time, Juan, who was originally from the Bronx, would play KRS-One to him. That was his favorite growing up and he passed that on to young Max. The love grew stronger for hip hop and knowledge of hip hop was blooming by listening to the teacher!! Max was an original member of an infamous Graff crew in the Manchester area. The first of its kind in New Hampshire, to be exact, and now is known across several countries and many states. What was just a few friends has, no doubt, turned into an army. Max was also a part of a breakdancing crew. With his ability to beatbox, the homies ALWAYS had something to uprock to. Continue reading

Grateville Dead: A Celebration of Jerry’s Birthday and The Grateful Dead

“Don’t tell us Louisvillians ain’t got no heart…”
Join us for a celebration of Jerry Garcia’s birthday and The Grateful Dead.
Featuring: Louisville’s finest artists, musicians, brewers, food trucks, and our city’s own version of Shakedown.
Sponsored By: Dennie Humphrey, Ashley Angel, The Monkey Wrench, Goodwood Brewery, Cumberland Brewery, Oak Street Productions, Real Feel Audio, Horseshoe Bend Winery, and Lil’ Cheezers. Continue reading

Cold Wind Calling – Circadian – album review

By: Kidman J. Williams

Using music with spoken word poetry is not a new concept in the music world, but some people just do it better than others.  So is the case with Cold Wind Calling’s Circadian.  Sometimes this music can come off very pretentious and self-absorbed.  Alex Zarek’s lyrics in these songs actually talk to you on a personal level and of course they entertain you like any good album should do.

Cold Wind Calling actually takes the spoken word a step further.  They add beautiful music and real lyrical hooks that get stuck into your head after the first chorus.  The track where this becomes as obvious as a brick to the cortex of your brain is track 7.  Bad Habits features the gorgeous singing hook of Laura Burke and a soulful piano that would make Alicia Keys a little jealous. Continue reading

Weapon Of Choice: Bea2ooth

By Josh Chambers

Bea2ooth is a hip hop producer based out of Manchester, NH who brings the golden era sound of music in his beats. Starting with a keyboard, a drum machine, and a little guidance from a close friend, Bea2ooth has worked his way up, and is currently producing for emcees all over New England as well as opening shows for legends such as Krs-1, R.A. The Rugged Man, and Onyx to name a few. Continue reading

Holy Rock and Rollers

By: Jim Cosby

Editor’s Note
: This paper was originally presented as part of Calvin College’s Festival of Faith and Music. This biennial conference brings together musicians, critics, journalists, artists, and listeners to discuss and celebrate popular music—hoping to bridge the gap between the church and popular art. The Curator is delighted to share thoughtful music criticism from the 2015 Festival. Over the coming months, The Curator will publish one paper a week in order to continue and extend the conversation from the Festival. On a range of artists and songs, each paper engages and interprets popular music from a faith perspective. Continue reading