LouMusicAwards_Icons OUTLINESWHO: The 3rd Annual Louisville Music Awards

WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015

• Red carpet & pre-party in the main lobby – 6:30 p.m.
• Awards ceremony – 8 p.m.
• After party in the main lobby to follow

WHERE: Bomhard Theater at The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

HOW: This event is free and open to the public. Seating is first-come, first-served. Please call (502) 566-5111 for information about the range of accessibility options we offer to enhance your performance experience.

SPONSORS: Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 

The Louisville Music Awards are held annually to highlight the diverse artists, pioneers, fans, and businesses that make up the Louisville music community. This event aims to bring attention to the quality and diversity of Louisville’s local music scene, and to recognize artists who have had a particularly special year.  The Louisville Music Awards provide the unique opportunity for artists from all genres to come together with each other and with the public to support and celebrate one another. In addition to the awards ceremony, a one-time live collaboration between 1200 and Rachel Grimes will be the featured performance of the evening, alongside sets by Louisville DJs. For more information, please visit

The mission of The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts is to lead and enrich the artistic, educational and economic vitality of the region by providing unparalleled programming and cultural events. The Center serves Kentucky through education and initiatives which expand and diversify audiences while enhancing their understanding, appreciation and support for the arts.

How I Temporarily Became Deaf: Seether Live in Austin

stubb's-bbq-austin-tx-mobileby Autumn en Austin

On October 16th you could find me drinking ciders, inhaling second-hand smoke in a sweaty Austin, Texas crowd, listening to music. Three bands graced the somewhat famous outdoor stage of Stubb’s BBQ: Within Reason, Saint Asonia & Seether. And, the below ramblings are what I fucking thought about each of them.

Within Reason – The first thing I noticed was their electronically deranged intro music. I remember thinking that I wasn’t drunk enough yet for a remake of Orgy (a band that recently reinvented itself), so I buggered off to get a drink. The band itself was not spectacular. In fact, the main thing I remember is that from where I stood stage-left their bassist David Koonce looked a little like Eugene from The Walking Dead. The lead singer wore an American Flag muscle shirt, which I hated. There wasn’t a lot of energy, but perhaps their small stage space wasn’t the place for such things. And lastly they completely ruined Ayo Technology by 50 Cent & J.T.

For some reason, a lot of rock bands are covering versions of popular pop songs. Is that a fucking thing?

seether-2015-tour-photo-500x611Saint Asonia – This band consists of the former members of Three Days Grace, Staind, Eye Empire and Finger Eleven. I tell you this because it set the stage for almost their entire set. The melted band opened with their radio-played song Better Place, which was one of only a few Saint Asonia songs they played all night. Then quickly moved into popular songs from their former bands: Animal I Have Become, Mudshovel, I Hate Everything about You, and For You. I was too busy staring at the lead singer’s electronic arm microphone stand and drinking my 3rd cider to notice when they played original Saint Asonia songs. The band however was energetic, hard-hitting, rhythmic and really fucking distorted. And as their set ended the band’s lead singer proclaimed during a brief field trip into the crowd, “We’re going to be here for a long fucking time.” Thanks for the forewarning!

Seether – Red lights adorned the stage among voodoo doll and antlered microphone stands. I remember thinking how the visuals actually worked. They started the night with Gasoline before progressing through an onslaught of other well-known Seether songs such as Fine Again, Country Song, and a badass version of Nirvana’s Lithium. As the crowd pushed closer to the stage, I could see that there was no shortage of flannel. While venturing away briefly for more libations, I bumped into a kid and presumably his mother, who told me that this was his first concert. I gave the kid a high-five and told him he was “fucking awesome!” Yeah, I cussed in front of a kid, so what! The band then did an acoustic version of Broken, which made the Hispanic girl next to me cry; clearly the song hit a nerve for her. And, they ended the night on a heavier note with Words as a Weapon, Fake It (which I admit I sang along to) and Remedy. I left the venue deaf and it was glorious!



Music Review: “London Calling” – The Clash

by Saira Viola

Joe Strummer was imbued with the soul of a poet, the prophetic vision of a Wiseman, and the knuckle fisted passion of a rock genius.

This remains one of the key albums of their creative ladder. Booming social polemic immersed with storming guitars and the lyrical delicacy of a young Mick Jones.

There are so many different influences contained within the one album from the Reggae inspired: Rudi Can’t fail to the youth rallying: Guns of Brixton. Every single song trumpets a feeling. This album is 24 karat.