EDITORIAL | Las Vegas Shooting: The Fear Takes Hold

This article is not designed to discuss the recent and tragic shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. In fact, you should stop discussing it altogether. Seriously, just fucking stop.

Within one hour of the events being documented and shipped off to social media for the painfully stupid and the morally depraved to wax idiotic about, the subject had already been politicized, polarized, and, like all truly terrible occurrences in this country, used as a jumping off point for yet another intellectually devoid discussion about gun control.

Unfortunately, this is but the catalyst for what will surely become a very long and drawn out national debate, as all tragedies do. Especially in the age of the 24-hour news cycle.

What is most shocking about this shooting, as seems to be the case with all mass shootings in this country (and others around the world that we are privy to), is that people don’t seem to realize how much validity we lend to these nutty bastards who commit these atrocities by talking about them ad infinitum.

Do people really not think for a second that some of these shitbirds might just be getting their ideas from press releases, or the news media, or people standing around the water cooler at work (if that’s even a thing anymore)?

The more you discuss, the more you analyze, the sooner you give these assholes a Movie of the Week, the more empowered and justified the next mass murderer feels when he opens fire into a crowd of innocent people. You give them power simply by acknowledging that what they did has any meaning whatsoever, that it wasn’t just a random act of senseless violence that should be ignored and shunned outright because that’s not how we fucking do things around here.

In essence, by even having this little dialogue right now, we could be helping to create the next hateful little prick who wants nothing more than to suicide by cop and take a bunch of people with him. And I’m the one telling all of you to shut the fuck up about this; you can imagine how much greater of an impact the national media, social media as a collective entity, and other public sources of debate and discussion will have on that process, because they’re not telling you to shut up.

They’re telling you to be afraid. They’re telling you that this is something that we could have prevented if we only had stricter gun laws. They’re giving weight to a man whose worst crime before this was likely being so painfully forgettable, that he decided he was going to make people remember him forever. And that’s exactly what he should be, a phantom blip on a radar which is too busy tracking far more important things to lend any sort of credibility to a guy who was either desperate to die but couldn’t do it himself, terminally or mentally ill.

And I swear, if I have to hear “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families” one more time, I might just have a goddamn stroke.

Your “thoughts and prayers” mean precisely dick to someone who just lost a family member or significant other to an event like this. Or to anything apart from natural causes, really. Maybe your heart is in the right place, but they just lost someone they love, and are in no way obligated to give one single fuck about how you feel.

Here is all that is worth being said about the tragic events on the Vegas Strip last night:

  • -If you had friends or family that you are concerned about who may have been in the area during the shooting, you should call 1-866-535-5654 (as per the Las Vegas Police Department).
  • -Nobody should care about this man’s race, ethnicity, place of origin, psychological profile, or motives. He shot a bunch of people for what is assuredly not anything even remotely close to a good reason (if such a thing even exists), then killed himself, likely to avoid facing what he had just done. The more you care, the more it gets publicized, and the sooner we get to do this dance all over again.
  • -In that same vein, nobody should be attributing this senseless act of violence to any specific group or organization, because all that does is stir a pot that really just needs to be pulled off the burner entirely at this point. These issues are used as flashpoints for people in positions of power to get legislation passed, or to affect the national dialogue regarding certain groups, ethnicities, or other candidates for exile from the “national norm.”

If you had people there at the show, I’m sorry for being so callous. I know that it hurts, and more than anything else, you want a place, person, or entity to hang the blame on, and maybe some revenge if you have the right sort of disposition for those feelings. My brother and his wife flew out of McCarran not six hours prior to the first bullets rocketing out of the barrel, and I had my own brief moments of personal terror as I was reading about what was happening.

But again, I implore all of you: Do not give this dead man power. Do not make him a public spectacle. When you talk about this until you’re blue in the face, and you make comparisons to past events, and you do so in a capacity that other people are inclined to agree with, you legitimize this lone psychopath’s actions and his purpose.You somewhat unintentionally give rise to the next mass shooter, because contrary to popular belief, most of them actually do read things.

Please, for all of our sakes, shut the fuck up.


AUTHOR’S NOTE–This article is not designed to be a representation of the author’s opinions regarding sensible gun legislation; it is strictly a commentary relating to the legitimacy granted to mass shooters by covering their atrocious and heinous crimes ad infinitum. To make a difference in your state and help combat senseless acts of violence such as this one, please contact your local representatives from the US Congress and urge them to vote for common sense gun control laws. If you would like to know more about how automatic firearms are currently regulated in this country, you can find more information here.


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